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John Cameron CEO

Education and Experienc

John is a professional business coach with a Business Degree from Simon Fraser University followed by a business career that included starting his own marketing consulting business, owning shares in a business partnership, starting a bricks and mortar business from scratch & building it into a successful company with 25 employees before selling it. Along the way he also owned a franchise.


In 2001 he received his certification as a business coach. This led to the creation of ROCK SOLID Business Development Inc. which has been retained by well over 200 hundred companies to deliver coaching and training.


Recognized Expertise

In 2005 the Premier of British Columbia, Canada formed the Small Business Roundtable (SBR) to provide advice to BC’s Minister of Small Business. The Roundtable was given the mandate of making BC the most small business friendly jurisdiction in Canada. John was selected as one of the original 24 directors. He is still a director and is very proud of their accomplishments to date.

Client Testimonials


Rock Solid identified a very effective Company Promise for us and it lead to a positive change in the way we do business. The CA³M has also helped us organize and focus on improving our processes. The Financial Information Systems have improved our bottom line by over $100,000 per year.


Neville Sinclair, Pacific West PG


We found John to be very helpful in looking at ways to improve and streamline our business both from an operational standpoint as well as increasing sales. His experience and his outside perspective gave us ideas that we otherwise would not have thought of. His suggestions were practical, easy to put into place and proved to be effective at improving our focus, clearly establishing roles & responsibilities of our staff, increasing communication, and putting duplicatable sales strategies in place. I liked how he followed up on previous sessions and followed the guidelines that had been laid out but was also flexible enough to deal with any emergencies that had cropped up in between! He was a pleasure to deal with and a genuinely nice guy!


                                           Marybeth Harrison, Centaur Awards

Rock Solid’s 5 Key Elements have improved the performance of my company.

The CA³M has been valuable as I transition out of day to day operations and shift responsibilities to the next generation. My son is doing an excellent job managing the family company.

Jack Froese, JD Farms


We now use Rock Solid’s Forecast & Variance Reports with all of our clients. They’re the best we’ve ever seen and the best our clients have ever seen.


Kelly Bennett, Business Training International


The best part of all is the tools that we are learning to use. They are invaluable to us. They are everyday, down to earth, sensible, solutions that WORK!


Bob & Marlene Myers, Myers Organic Farms

British Columbia’s largest organic produce grower



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