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Company Strength Program

Are you looking for a road map that clearly shows how to build a strong, profitable company that runs smoothly and efficiently?

This level of success rarely happens by itself. Having a game plan and a proven path to follow makes a substantial difference.

The Company Strength Program is the most effective and efficient way to get the results you want. There are many good reasons to consider implementing it. They can be divided into four main categories.

First, you're in business and you know your industry like the back of your hand. Now you're looking to develop the same level of expertise when it comes to building a great company. This is a new and different skill set for most people, but at the same time almost anyone can learn it fairly quickly when they apply themselves.

Second, your company has grown, but now it simply isn't performing the way it should. This usually means low or no profits, and it's also likely that your company isn’t operating up to the standards you expect. The goal here is to strengthen the company so it performs up to its potential.

Third, your business is poised for growth. There could also be new opportunities on the horizon. It makes good sense to prepare for growth by strengthening your company. The Company Strength Program also helps identify profitable business opportunities that may not be in focus yet.

Fourth, it’s time for your company to stand on its own two feet. At some point every company should be strong enough to operate profitably and continue to grow on its own. This could be a succession plan that shifts accountability to the next generation or perhaps over to employee management. You may even want to retire or put your attention towards another more intriguing venture.

Long term success in business involves building a strong company. This sounds simple, but it's often an elusive target. The Company Strength Program delivers a road map that makes building a rock solid company a realistic and achievable goal.

The program has Five Key Elements. When they are implemented owners are clearly in control of their companies' futures and isn't that what we all want?

Descriptions of the Five Key Elements and testimonials from other company owners can be found further down on this page.

They were developed by working with hundreds of business-people as they built strong companies. The unrelenting goal was to discover the most effective and efficient way to build great companies.

What we learned along the way was remarkable. There are certain elements, that aren’t well known or well practiced, that deliver significant advantages. They're at the core of the Company Strength Program. 

They are not magic pills though, there is work involved and there is learning involved. On the other hand it's well worth the effort. Owning a strong, profitable company leads to a great lifestyle.

If you'd like to discuss the Company Strength Program in more detail contact us at: or call (604) 888-3471. It’s more affordable than you might think. Expect a great Return on your Investment. (ROI)


The book ROCK SOLID - How to Strengthen Your Company is available on-line.


The 5 Key Elements of the

Company Strength Program


Element 1 - Company Promise

It's estimated that there are over 100 Million companies in the world. What do we need yours for? Why are you here?

"I'm here to make money," is not a good enough answer. Customers won't buy from your company because they want to make you rich and your employees are unlikely to work hard to get you a bigger house.

Companies should be designed to profitably deliver value to their chosen markets. The more value you deliver the more profit you should make - if your company is efficient.

Your Company Promise describes the value your company is designed to deliver. It should include direct value and collateral value. Great Company Promises connect solidly with good business opportunities.

Even in competitive markets it's possible to define a Company Promise that ensures your company's success. In fact, in competitive markets it's even more important to have a crystal clear idea of the value your company delivers.

Vision Statements describe where the company wants to get to. Mission Statements describe the plan to get there. If you don't keep your Company Promise consistently then the Vision and Mission are just pipe dreams.

Company Promises also make it easier it to manage employees. The core idea is simple: are we keeping the promise with each and every customer? That's your company standard.

Leaving the last work on the subject to Sir Richard Branson: "You need to explain your company's purpose and outline expectations."

Element 2 - Financial Information Systems

This element is about profitability. Business is a numbers game.


Most owners naturally steer their companies towards success when they have good financial information.


If your company doesn’t produce Income Statements with Profit Centres and Cost Centres, Forecast and Variance Reports, Key Performance Indicators, Job Costing and Balance Sheet Ratios then it will be next to impossible for you to know how much of an advantage they provide.


If you're like the average company owner you don't get much information from your financial statements. They don't help to you run your company. Everything they cover has happened in the past. It’s a bit like trying to drive while looking in the rear-view mirror.


The truth is - the first thing a professional business-person would change in an overwhelming number of small companies is the Financial Information Systems.


The Company Strength Program builds Financial Information Systems that support your success and teaches you to understand them. They are the key for establishing consistently strong profitablity.



Element 3 - Company Accountability Matrix (CA³M)

This is a remarkable approach for building a high performing organization.


This is a straightforward concept that creates a process for increasing responsibility, accountability and effective communication throughout your company.


Most owners want their employees to be more accountable and to communicate effectively. When we ask, what's the plan for accomplishing that we don't get many solid answers. That's why the CA³M was developed and it delivers remarkable results.


One important piece of the CA³M is a system for systemizing companies that spreads the work out amongst the employees and gets the project done in an efficient manner.


Many companies have also utilized our CA³M approach for succession planning. If you want to transition yourself out of day to day operations it efficiently organizes the process for you.


Element 4 – BRIDGE Marketing Plans

BRIDGE Marketing Plans deliver the right customers to your company. They build a reliable bridge between your company and the customers you want to do business with.


There are six challenges that go into developing a great marketing plan. One for each of the letters in BRIDGE. The first two are preparation challenges, the second two are delivery challenges and the last two are feedback challenges.


When you've learned the six challenges and developed a plan or two you'll be able to put together a great marketing plan for any small company.


The BRIDGE Marketing Plan was born and raised in the trenches of small business. It's not trying to adapt what worked for a giant corporation to fit your company. It's about effectively delivering customers to small and medium sized companies.



Element 5 - The AR²T of Momentum

This element is all about getting TRaction.

(TRaction = Towards Results action)


It's a unique process based on common sense.


A lot of organizations have challenges getting improvements implemented. They know where they want the company to go, they have good ideas and they can see what needs to be done, but they can’t seem to get there. The day to day grind of business seems to push everything else aside.


The AR²T of Momentum Method will break you out of this endless cycle and it will make long term steady progress the norm for your company.


It's very good at finding solutions, even for challenging problems or goals. This powerful 4 step process will keep your company moving forward towards the results you want to achieve.



Can you imagine arriving at your company and seeing your staff focused on delivering on the Company Promise. Then as you sit down at your desk you find top quality financial reports waiting for you to review. Next the phone rings and your manager wants a few minutes to discuss some adjustments to the CA³M and the company's systems that will improve performance. Your work for the day includes refining the marketing plan and preparing the agenda for tomorrow’s AR²T of Momentum meeting with your staff where the focus is how to attack the company’s next business opportunity. Guess what? This could be you in the not too distant future.


We’re available to talk with you about introducing the Company Strength Program into your company It’s more affordable than you might think. Expect a great Return on your Investment. You can contact us via email at or by calling (604) 888-3471

Try our free on-line Company Self Assessment


Client Testimonials


The Company Strength Program provided me with the opportunity to take my company to the next level in a way I never thought possible. It's also allowed me to achieve the elusive work/life balance that I've been seeking.

                                            Jonathan Kervin, Kervin Marketing

The Company Strength Program significantly improved our bottom line. We learned how to be a real company and we know what we need to do moving forward.


                                             Ken Johnson, Ken Johnson Trucking Ltd.


Rock Solid identified a very effective Company Promise for us and it lead to a positive change in the way we do business. The CA³M has also helped us organize and focus on improving our processes. The Financial Information Systems have improved our bottom line by over $100,000 per year.


Neville Sinclair, Pacific West PG


We found John to be very helpful in looking at ways to improve and streamline our business both from an operational standpoint as well as increasing sales. His experience and his outside perspective gave us ideas that we otherwise would not have thought of. His suggestions were practical, easy to put into place and proved to be effective at improving our focus, clearly establishing roles & responsibilities of our staff, increasing communication, and putting duplicatable sales strategies in place. I liked how he followed up on previous sessions and followed the guidelines that had been laid out but was also flexible enough to deal with any emergencies that had cropped up in between! He was a pleasure to deal with and a genuinely nice guy!


                                            Marybeth Harrison, Centaur Awards

Rock Solid’s 5 Key Elements have improved the performance of my company.

The CA³M has been valuable as I transition out of day to day operations and shift responsibilities to the next generation. My son is doing an excellent job managing the family company.


                                           Jack Froese, JD Farms


We now use Rock Solid’s Forecast & Variance Reports with all of our clients. They’re the best we’ve ever seen and the best our clients have ever seen.


                                           Kelly Bennett, Business Training International


The best part of all is the tools that we are learning to use. They are invaluable to us. They are everyday, down to earth, sensible, solutions that WORK!


Bob & Marlene Myers, Myers Organic Farms

British Columbia’s largest organic produce grower


We’re available to talk with you about introducing the Company Strength Program into your company It’s more affordable than you might think and the Return on Investment is huge. You can contact us via email at or by calling (604) 888-3471.



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