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Since 2001 ROCK SOLID has been helping owners improve business performance and get their companies to the next level. Our proven process consistently deliver great results AND our straightforward approach is affordable.

At Rock Solid we specialize in helping business owners achieve success. Do you want to grow the business and improve your profits? Or is 2019 the year you want your business to run smoothly AND deliver great service on its own without heavy demands on your time?

Perhaps it’s approaching time for you to exit the business — via succussion or sale.

We often get asked — what does this cost? It’s a difficult question to answer: businesses come in different sizes, owners have different goals, and companies have different levels of fitness — so to speak. That’s why we offer free consultations to business owners — so we can give you a price.

We are more affordable than you might expect and we deliver a solid Return on Investment. It is an almost certainty that you will be more profitable in 2019 with us than without hiring us.

For 17 years we’ve been working with business owners and helping them reach their goals. Click the banner below to read comments from our past clients.

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Years of experience tells us that working harder isn’t the answer. Long-term success in business comes from doing the right things well. It’s that simple and yet … somehow … that difficult.

At Rock Solid we’ve got years of experience AND the proven roadmap to lead your company right through to the results you really want. We’ve been delivering for business owners since 2001.

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A high performing business that runs smoothly isn’t that far out of your reach. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the results you’re looking for are closer than you think. The challenge is knowing how to tap into them. Some expert advice here can deliver a great return on investment.

Typically, the skills and strategies that worked to build your business aren’t the same ones that will raise your company to the next level. A fresh set of eyes, with proven experience, can provide a big advantage.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Once business-people get going on our programs they typically wonder out loud why they waited so long to get started.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities that deliver business results are Rock Solid’s specialty. We are recognized experts in this field because our process works!



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Our Directly Applied Relevant Training (DART) is designed to significantly improve the performance of your company. DART isn’t about classrooms and theories. We work with you directly on your business. You and your team will develop skills as you work on projects designed to strengthen your company. You will start seeing solid results right away AND this is also the best way to get the improvements to stick for the long-term.

The biggest challenge most entrepreneurs have is implementation and that’s where Rock Solid’s trainers come into play. We train, teach, motivate, and coach all the way through the process.

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