BRIDGE Marketing Program

The BRIDGE Marketing Program is designed for owners and/or managers of companies. Expect a direct application of relevant training. (DART) This is a 6-month training program the covers developing and implementing a customized marketing plan for your company.

It’s much more than a classroom approach: participants learn and apply. This is the best way to develop business skills & abilities. The objective is to generate a solid return on your investment (in the program) before it’s over.

The program’s methodology is to introduce new concepts using a presentation/lecture approach and then blending the knowledge into relevant projects that the participants are responsible for completing.

Company Promise

A Company Promise succinctly describes the value the company wants to deliver and commits everyone on the team to delivering it – to each every customer, every single time.

The Company Promise is the ‘compass’ for the marketing plan and for customer service. It keeps the business flowing the right direction.

 When a Company Promise is aimed at a profitable business opportunity success comes easier. If you’re struggling often a slight adjustment can make a world of difference. When a company is not aimed at a profitable business opportunity they risk being caught in the Mother Teresa Effect where you deliver a lot of value but live in poverty.

People who develop the ability to craft great Company Promises can build impressive companies – even in crowded markets.

The Program Cost is $9,750.00 

Detailed Course Outline

High-Level Core Competencies developed by the BRIDGE Marketing Program

  1. The overall core competency developed is how to develop and implement a marketing plan that effectively builds the business.
  2. How to target ideal customers for the company.
  3. Understanding the changing nature of marketing and the growing & evolving spectrum of marketing channels available. Also knowing when to use Hunting, Fishing and/or Farming strategies.
  4. Developing and implement a Company Promise that each and every company representative is expected to deliver on with each and every customer – each and every time.