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Step by Step Instructions for filling the online EI application is below the letter


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Dear Name;

As discussed with you today, this letter is formal notice that as of date you will be laid off from employment with name of business.  You will receive regular pay up to and including today, date.  You will receive all earnings owing including any outstanding vacation pay.  Your participation in any group benefits plan will … (xxx insert rules based on your specific provider and compensation plan.  Note that cancelling benefits can be in non-compliance with the Employment Standards Act unless requested by the employee).

Your lay off will continue for # days or until we have called you at phone number/email you’ve provided us or written to your last address on file to offer you work.  Should that occur, we request that you reply within xxx days otherwise we will consider your non-response as a resignation with name of business and no notice or payment in lieu of notice will be provided.

Should this temporary layoff extend past xxx weeks, your employment will be terminated for shortage of work and name of business will pay you in lieu of working notice to your last provided address any monies owed under the Name of Employment Standards Act forthwith.

In the interim, we request that you return all property of name of business, including any keys, equipment, credit cards, petty cash, etc. (as applicable) to name.

Should any of your contact information change during this period, we ask that you keep us informed.  Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding this notice or any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact name at phone.



Business Name

How to – EI Online Application 

Step 1. Getting started

What you’ll need in order to fill out the EI form:

  • Access to the internet
  • A laptop, computer or mobile device
  • Direct deposit banking information
  • SIN number (social insurance number)
  • Employer’s address and contact information
  • The start date of your current employment
  • T4 from your current employer
  • Highest paid cheque from your current employer (they want to know how much you get paid to calculate how much you’d be able to claim)
  • Previous employer’s address and contact information (if you worked there in the past 52 weeks)
  • ROE (record of employment, this can be issued by your employer or employer’s accountant/bookkeeper) Usually the employer submits it to the CRA


Step 2. Go to the following website

This website will take you to the EI application form:

  • Follow the instructions and submit answers that best fit your situation.

NOTE: The following questions:

 When picking basic claim vs. spouse claim (Spouse meaning you are married or have a common-law partner who is dependent on your income)

**when asked “did someone help you complete this form” at the end, select “no”**