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To view the information on each section of the program click on each of the letters in ROCK SOLID.


Company Strength Program

There is a description of the program on the landing page. It consistently gets exceptional results for our clients. Our original ROCK SOLID Program is described below on this page.

The main reason we are changing over to the Company Strength Program is it simply works better. Over the years we noticed that when companies did certain things - The 5 Key Elements - everything else seemed to fall into place nicely.

Cost depends on a couple of things: the size of the company and whether we are delivering training or rolling our sleeves up and getting involved in the implementation. We’re not expensive and we’re not cheap, but we deliver a lot of value. Email us at for a free consultation and we'll give you an accurate price.

The ROCK SOLID Program contains 70 modules and it covers all of the pieces of the business puzzle. It was like pushing a company to success. It consistently delivered results as well, but not as good and not as fast. The Company Strength Program pulls a company towards success. It is proving to be very efficient and it delivers a great return on investment. We've left the ROCK SOLID Program on this page because it's interesting and it still has some value left to deliver. If you've got time scroll down and click on each of the 9 letters in ROCK SOLID.

John Cameron has written a book that blends the best of both programs and titled it: ROCK SOLID - How to Strengthen Your Company which is availablle on Amazon It is getting great reviews. It reads like a Blanchard or Lencioni book. Please see the quote below.


"John knows what he is talking about. ROCK SOLID is packed full of fresh insights. It delivers a ground-breaking and new approach that owners can efficiently use to strengthen their companies. It’s all there, baked into an interesting, easy-to-read story-line. This book is a must read for business-people who want to build rock solid companies."

Darcy Rezac

Author, Work the Pond! (Prentice Hall NY) and,

Former managing director, The Vancouver Board of Trade



Business Development Program

As you read through the 9 letters of the ROCK SOLID metaphor/acronym below you will see that we offer a wide variety of training modules.


The best way to start is to establish where you’d like your company to be 3 years from now. We like to think of it as projecting forward and then reverse engineering back.


Then some clarity about the needed improvements starts to develop.


The ROCK SOLID program is designed to deliver those improvements. When you work with one of our coaches we ensure that the momentum continues until the results are achieved.


We don’t take a motivational rah rah type of approach. We more of a nuts and bolts type of coaching company. We believe it takes work to build a great company. We’ll identify it and help you to move through it.

Navigate through the full program by clicking on each of the letters. This will take you through the 9 sections. Each letter is a unique section that contains several modules.

Realize the dual purposes of your business

Organization, systems and standards

Communications, Conversations & Characters

Keeping it all in perspective


Sales and Marketing

Overview and progress

Learning, creativity and curiosity

Information systems

Daily return on investment – this is all about time


As you click through the letters you will be able to read a description of the section and see a listing of the modules. The modules were developed over the past 8 years as we coached well over 200 business owners to build ROCK SOLID businesses.

Each module has practical applications and has been used to get results.

Business owners don’t need to entertain every module.

What we find is that there are at least 3 or 4 modules that lead to exceptional results in every business. Which modules they are depends on the business, its stage of development and the goals of the owner.


The ROCK SOLID Program is quite wide and diverse because business owners face a wide variety of problems, issues and challenges. It has been designed to deliver the right focus for that point in time in the business’ development.


A common example is delegation. All too often we’ve seen businesses grow without building this skill set. The owner winds up feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. The reality is that businesses develop much more efficiently when the delegation process is introduced early in the game.

The owner of a plumbing company is not delegating effectively when they send an employee out to do some work. They also need to delegate the responsibility to be profitable. For the business to reach its profit targets the employee may need to bill out at least 80% of their time.

Delegation often involves tasks and responsibilities. If an employee operates a profit centre, like a plumbing van then they should be delegated the responsibility to be profitable. When this doesn’t happen the owner often winds up wondering why there is no money left at the end of the month.

There are also layers of delegation. Owners are often delegating the responsibility for profitability to their Service Manager who is in turn delegating it to the plumber. The plumber may be delegating part of the work to an apprentice. This makes for 3 layers of delegation.

The above is one example. All too often the responsibility for profitability is lost somewhere in the "organization" and there is no method of accountability.

Attention to delegation ensures that everyone in the organization effectively contributes to the overall operating performance of the business.

We’ve just given you a short insight into one of the 70 modules.

Please tour through the letters and get an idea of how the ROCK SOLID Program can be applied to your business.

If now is the time to build the long term strength of the company then your journey starts here.


  To view the information on each section of the program click on each of the letters in ROCK SOLID.
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