Time needed: 180 days, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Business coaching often delivers solid results with a great Return-on-Investment. To get the best results you need to understand the process and take a certain amount of control yourself. Below are the recommendations of John Cameron of Rock Solid Business Coaching who has almost 20 years of experience.

  1. Hold Your Coach Accountable

    Ask your business coach how the coaching is being designed to deliver the results you want. Don’t be satisfied looking in the ‘rearview mirror.’ Look out the ‘windshield’ and ask what’s on the road ahead. There should be a clearly understood cause and effect nature to the relationship.

  2. Clarify the Objectives

    Use your initial sessions to develop clarity regarding the results you want to achieve. This should include both the long-term time frame and the shorter term that you will be directly working with your business coach. Your coach should be skilled at drawing the relevant details out from you – even if you haven’t really thought it all through yet. There should be an in-depth conversation about how your business can reach its full potential AND how that fits into your life.great results

  3. Select a Good Weekly Time

    Most coaching meetings happen on a weekly frequency. Select a regular day and time when the demands of the business are less likely to pressure you. Whether the coaching sessions are online or in-person find a distraction-free environment for your regular meetingsbusiness results

  4. If You Want the Results do the Work

    Expect to have some work to do in-between meetings. Be accountable for getting the work done. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Give yourself a chance to reflect on it before the next meeting. This will allow you and your business coach to drill into the problems issues and challenges deeper and get results faster.

  5. Don’t Let it Overwhelm You

    It’s up to you to let your coach know how much time you have for homework in the coming week. Then it’s your coach’s role to hold you accountable. If you’ve had a busy frustrating week and need to delay a session or two — its usually okay — just let your coach know as early as you can. It is best to approach business coaching with a clear mind. Coaching consistently delivers great results when there is clarity and focus.business coach

  6. Entertain New Perspectives

    What got you this far in business is unlikely to get to the next level. Growing a business comes with a steep learning curve. Having said that, if you are getting stuck then challenge your coach to come up with a new approach or perspective. Everything doesn’t work for everybody all the time.

  7. Be Open About Having a Business Coach

    It’s not a sign of weakness. Tell people: “I’m looking to achieve xyz results. My business coach and I have developed a plan and a process. We’re working towards it.” Being open strengthens your commitment to doing the work and getting the results. coaching talk

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