Workflow Integration Network Software Training

  • Price: $700 per person office and admin. $350 per person technician.
  • Training Hours 7 for office and admin. 3.5 hours for technicians.
  • Location: at location • Schedule: • 8 Projects: Directly Applied Relevant Training


Training Overview

The training is designed to teach participants to implement and successfully use a paperless workflow in a business with multiple ever changing work locations.

Everyone carries computers nowadays. They are rarely integrated into a whole system. The Workflow Integration Network does just that with Software as a Service. (SAAS)

It starts with training for customized quoting, moves into sales, this is followed by dispatching, installation support, completion status verification. It then shifts to customer satisfaction surveys and customer relationship management features.

Learning Outcomes 

Understanding the workflow – in detail – creating online training manuals

Using the module – create a quoting system using drop down menus

Picture storage – available on every workorder – search by customer or job type

Real-time data entry from jobsites via smartphones

Taking deposits and setting payment terms

Dispatching module and process for efficiency

Understanding DataCube query powers (Who is best at furnaces ect? Should we work Richmond? How much is travel time costing? Which sales rep give extra discounts?)

Identifying installer training opportunities

Virtual timecards for payroll integration

Developing and using Customer satisfaction module

Finding new business using the Customer Relationship Management module