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Build Towards Strong Profitable 2021

It’s time to develop & implement strategies to thrive in 2021.

Meet the challenge head-on with BC’s most experienced business coach on your side.

At Rock Solid we work with business-people and help them achieve excellent results. Our world-class programs and experienced business coaches will deliver the roadmap you’re for.

Since 2001 we’ve been working with small & medium-sized businesses to increase bottom-line profits, develop responsible teams, grow sales, improve operations and solve countless problems.

Proven experience you can count on

When you really need somebody in your corner there’s nobody better than Rock Solid. Read more about our COVID approach here

Getting Started

A no-obligation Discovery Session is the first step. Help us understand where your business is at AND — more importantly — the results you’d like to achieve with your company.

Also at the Discovery Session, you can expect us to clearly demonstrate how our programs and services will deliver the results you want. (If our solutions aren’t a good fit for your business can point you towards other options.) It takes 30 – 45 minutes to introduce a customized plan for your company.

Discovery Sessions

cover 2 main areas

the improvements & results you want

AND the work it will take to achieve them

There should be a cause and effect relationship between the two. By the end of the meeting, it should be clear how the agreed-upon work will drive the results you want. That’s where our two decades of experience come into play. Our business coaching services give us some insight into a wide variety of business challenges.

We’ve been down similar roads hundreds of times before and we’ve formatted the best solutions into programs. We don’t start from scratch every time. We’ve learned from experience and incorporated it into our programs. Our company’s goal and our company name are the same. ROCK SOLID Coaching & Consulting. We’ve been working at it since 2001.

Check our Testimonials Page

This is all before we charge you anything. After a Discovery Session, you should be in a good position to choose whether or not to go ahead. It has to be the right move for you.

Tel: (604) 888-3471

Now The Work Begins

Business coaching typically revolves around regular weekly meetings. As we begin working together the initial step in the process is to draft a timeline and agree on your dual training objectives (desired results you want AND the necessary work to get there), and then a schedule for the coachings is created.

Between meetings both the coach and the client typically have work to do. At Rock Solid, our clients are encouraged to call, email, or text between meetings. Your coach is your resource.

The Work

Since 2001 Rock Solid has been using Directly Applied Relevant Training (DART™). This is our proprietary process for ensuring the work you do delivers the results you want.

The other interesting aspect of our business coaching services is the dual focus on getting business results plus developing your ability — and/or your staff’s ability — to consistently produce solid results going forward.

Our world-class business coaching services address your existing problems, issues and challenges and then get on with the more important task of transforming the business into a strong profitable company.

Put another way — its the difference between selling you a guitar and teaching you to play.

Our specialty is working alongside you during the training sessions & giving you encouragement and feedback as you develop your abilities. This happens as you work on projects that in turn deliver the business results your company needs.

Program & Projects

Rock Solid has created programs that get you better results faster. Our proven programs give you a serious head start. They’re specifically designed for different stages of business growth. Then we adapt them to meet the needs of clients.

The programs are packages of Directly Applied Training that have proven to work very well. Over 20 years we’ve collected best practices and systemized our business coaching services. If it consistently delivered results, it was integrated into our programs. We continue to improve every chance we get. We are proud of our world-class programs.

The links to our programs are below — just click on them for more information. There can be mixing and matching of projects within the programs, and we expect to put more emphasis on a few of the projects. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Your professional business coach will adapt to meet your needs. It’s best to go over this in the Discovery Session.

Literally, hundreds of owners have used Rock Solid’s programs and coaching services to develop their business into strong profitable companies. Check our Testimonials Page to read what they have to say about us.

The results start almost immediately. Rock Solid’s approach more than just theory — we specialize in practical programs & solutions that work. This includes some innovative approaches that you’ve never heard of before. They’ve proven themselves, we’ve already implemented them in hundreds of companies and they continue to work exceptionally well.

It’s well worth taking the time to check us out. We are #1 in B.C. when it comes to delivering results. Our training programs and business coaching services can make a solid positive impact on your company and your life. There is no risk. We offer no-obligation Discovery Sessions for owners.

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