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We Help Entrepreneurs Build Strong Profitable Companies!

Rock Solid is the most experienced business coaching company in Greater Vancouver BC. Experience has taught us that when small to medium size business-people are shown a proven approach that works they will use it to build strong profitable companies that they are very proud of.

Our core strength is helping business-people, like you, achieve that result.

Rock Solid’s world-class programs and experienced business coaches will deliver the roadmap you’re looking for. Since 2001 we’ve been helping small and medium sized  businesses; increase their company profits, develop accountable & responsible teams, grow their sales, and solve countless operating problems.

Getting your company to perform the way you want it to is both challenging and rewarding. Investing in some expert small business coaching along the way AND doing the agreed upon work is well worth the effort. Rock solid companies are consistently profitable They run very smoothly—even when you’re away. Reaching this level has a powerful impact on your lifestyle. Ask us how you can get there. Many business owners are closer than they realize.


Our Approach is Efficient and Effective

Our signature Company Strength Program is more efficient and effective than anything on the market today. It’s effective because it delivers results. It’s efficient because it doesn’t take detours. We’ve been studying what works and what doesn’t for well over a decade. We’ve been right there in the trenches with our clients. This isn’t theory—it’s proven, practical solutions that work well in the real world—at companies like yours.

Your Rock Solid Business Coach doesn’t build your company for you. What we do is clearly set out the road map with our innovative programs and then coach you through the process because we know there is nothing like owning a strong profitable company – that you built!

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It doesn’t involve a lot of extra work, but we will ask you to do things you likely haven’t done before. Think of it as a simpler, more direct route to the results you really want: a rock solid company. “This just makes sense” is what our clients tell us over and over again.

Our Programs are adapted to work well in all sizes of companies although most successful large companies are already practicing at least some of the concepts. What we pride ourselves on is how well and how quickly it works for small to medium  sized companies.


Head Coach: John Cameron

Education and Experience

John is a professional business coach with a Business Degree from Simon Fraser University followed by a career that began as a solopreneur with a marketing consulting practice. From there he became a partner in the 4th Fastest Growing Business in Canada. Following that he started a contracting company from scratch, built it to 25 employees and successfully sold it.

Then in 2001 John received his certification as a business coach. This led to the creation of Rock Solid Business Coaching Inc. Since then he has helped hundreds of company owners build strong profitable companies.

John is also a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada) which fosters excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession as a whole.

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Recognized Expertise

In 2005 the Premier of British Columbia, Canada formed the Small Business Roundtable (SBR) to provide advice to BC’s Minister of Small Business. The Roundtable was given the mandate of making BC the most small business friendly jurisdiction in Canada. John was selected as one of the original 24 directors. He is still a director and is very proud of their accomplishments to date.

John is also accredited as a business trainer by the BC Chamber Learning Network (CLN)

Rock Solid Business Coaching is the clear choice if you are interested in building a strong profitable company. To find out more visit our ROCK SOLID Testimonial Page Initial consultations are no-charge.


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