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Rock Solid Small Business Consultants has been helping real people build strong, profitable companies since 2001. Our proven approach consistently delivers results. We know you’ve been working hard and we can help you achieve the success you want.

There are a lot of ‘moving parts‘ in every company and they all have to mesh together seamlessly for business results to emerge. Many business owners are a lot closer than they think.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies and our experience has developed into a proven process that’s affordable and delivers a great return-on-investment.

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Organization & Management

Ensuring everything gets done and done well gets more challenging as a company grows. Our Company Accountability Matrix (CA³M) is remarkably effective at coordinating and solid delegation. It also delivers a system for systemizing organizations. The CA³M clearly provides a significant advantage to entrepreneurs as they build strong profitable companies.

It’s also remarkably effective for succession planning and for getting everything out of your head and into concrete business systems.

Managing Cashflow and Profitability

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We have a saying: when entrepreneurs get good information they make great decisions. Our proven approach will put you in the drivers’ seat and allow you to easily manage your company’s profitability. We have many testimonials from our Greater Vancouver business consulting clients. Click on the green thought bubble image to read some of them. or call (604) 319-4254 

Marketing and Business Growth

It’s easy to tell our BRIDGE Marketing Program was born and raised in the trenches of small business. It does what the name implies: it builds bridges to the clients you want to do business with.  It’s step-by-step process and learning about this alone makes it well worth taking us up on our offer of a no charge initial meeting. (604) 319-4254 To read what clients are saying click here.

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Vancouver Business Consultants

Tap into your success. Rock Solid Business Consultants can help you get there. In Greater Vancouver BC we can meet with you at your place of business. Connect with us and we’ll find a time that works for everyone. There is no charge for the meeting.

The goal of the first meeting is to see if working together makes sense.

At Rock Solid we’re experts at getting all the ‘moving parts’ of companies working together and setting our clients up to tap into the success they’ve been working for. Read more about the results we deliver by clicking here.


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What does success look like to you?

Would you like to get there sooner with a higher degree of certainty?  (604) 319-4245

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