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How to Strengthen Your Company

ROCK SOLID How to Strengthen Your Company is a great business book for entrepreneurs who want to build strong profitable companies. It’s written by John Cameron a professional business coach. It delivers a straightforward process for creating long term success in business.

It looks at the challenge of strengthening companies from a fresh new perspective that opens up practical solutions. To say it’s a book on the fundamentals doesn’t do ROCK SOLID justice. The fundamentals are important, but they’re only a part of the answer. There is much more to the story.

ROCK SOLID – How to Strengthen Your Company is a fable that brings valuable concepts to life. It’s an easy-to-read story that introduces a powerful approach. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while this book was written to help you get the results you want.

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“John knows what he is talking about. ROCK SOLID is packed full of fresh insights. It delivers a ground-breaking and new approach that owners can efficiently use to strengthen their companies. It’s all there, baked into an interesting, easy-to-read story-line. This book is a must-read for business-people who want to build rock-solid companies.”

Darcy Rezac, Author – Work the Pond! (Prentice Hall NY) and,
Former managing director, The Vancouver Board of Trade.

“Want to know how to build a great company? Then buy and read Rock Solid How to Strengthen Your Company. Not only will it help you lay a firm foundation, but it will also help you build a future that will be rock solid and sound. Isn’t that what we all want?”

Peter Legge, OBS, LL.D (HON), D.Tech./Author
Chairman/CEO – Canada Wide Media Limited

Rock Solid How to Strengthen Your Company is a good read and the lessons from his book take e-myth to the next level. There are action plans to follow along with rock-solid advice on how to get to a place of business success. If you are reading this review and wondering if this book is for you, wonder no longer, simply click on the purchase button and you will not be disappointed.

Dr. Bette Daoust, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Rock Solid How to Strengthen Your Company

Readers’ Reviews

“It’s easy to tell that the concepts in ROCK SOLID How to Strengthen Your Company were born and raised in the trenches of small business. The book is structured in a way that is fun to read while being challenging and thought-provoking – I’m actually reading it for a third time now.” John Close

“I finished reading your book. I found it brilliant! It took me several weeks to read it, because I reread pages, and it sparked so many thoughts and ideas. How you packed all the information into the story made it so easy to read and less overwhelming like other books, that are just “dry”. Thank you!” Donat Koller

“This book is a great and challenging read. You really get a feel for where your business needs to be in order to run efficiently and effectively. I would highly recommend this book if you currently own a company and want to move to the next level. OR if you are just starting out implement this book’s guidelines and you will be FAR ahead of the pack.” Troy Hibbs

“Great Book. Really hit home. I’m a new COO in a company that I’ve been charged to improve and solve problems that seem directly out of your book. I’ve worked in consulting before; done a lot of process work, implementing change, developing dashboards, and more… but this book seems to pull it all together with the right emphasis. The Company Promise takes things to a “better” level, identify key challenges, use iteration, with the Forecast & Variance Reports as the guide… love the BRIDGE Marketing info… I’m excited about this framework.” Jim Rittinghouse

“Already I feel more energetic, confident and in control of my company and its direction. As a bonus, the book is written as a narrative with very real characters that you are able to see struggling with these concepts but ultimately becoming victorious as they learn to trust the process. If you’re looking for a business book on how to actually run a business, trust me, this is it! Anonymous left on Amazon

“Thanks for writing Rock Solid. It provides me … a rookie in business, a great tool for getting my little company started on the right foot. It is nice to see a written structure and format that answers questions all of us have at the beginning of a start up and well into its growth phase and beyond.” Jay Gillespie

“There are thousands of business books that can motivate, challenge and inspire you and as important as those things are, very few of them will show you how to actually run a business. Who cares if you’re motivated and inspired if you’re leaking profits, frustrating your employees and alienating your customers. These are the harsh realities of any business that doesn’t have a strong system in place to manage its operations. I use to be one of the “lost entrepreneurs” as the author calls them, people working ungodly hours for non-existent profits and the constant worry. After reading Rock Solid, the first thing I did was read it again. After the second reading my mind was opened and I began developing my own systems – and I am not a systems kind of guy whatsoever.”  Anonymous left on Amazon

“It is well written, engaging [the story is light, fun and supports the program it is designed to present]. I really think the program is excellent – deep enough to work, simple enough to execute.” David McKenzie

“This is a very powerful and useful book. I’ve only just started implementing the concepts from the book, and already I’m seeing benefits. The story serves as a good parable and keeps things interesting.” Neville Gibson

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Investing in ROCK SOLID – How to Strengthen Your Company will likely get you the highest ROI of any business investment you ever make.

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  1. The Rock Solid book allowed me to relate my company to many different levels. It simplified some complicated issues and made me re-think some of the simplier issues. Our business is looking for responsible employees to take charge and I believe Rock Solid is helping us on our way.

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