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Grow Your Business

Chasing business growth can be very addictive. BUT is this the right approach? Do you really want to grow your business? OR do you want to build a strong profitable company?

“If I had asked people what they wanted,
they would have said faster horses.”

Quote attributed to Henry Ford

The main idea behind Henry Ford’s quote is this: what people say they want isn’t necessarily what they would prefer to have.

We see this regularly in the business world. Everybody says they want to grow their business, but in reality, most business-people would actually prefer to own a strong company that’s consistently profitable AND is also growing at a sustainable rate. They say a happy wife makes for a good life. Well, more profits and less stress makes for a great life.

Some owners are caught on a treadmill believing they have to grow their business to be profitable, but is that the only option?

Profits are the premium grade fuel for growth. The best way to grow your business is to get profitable – as fast as possible – and stay that way while your company grows.

At Rock Solid we’ve developed a great approach that helps business-people get the type of results they truly appreciate.  Read about it here. It’s a proven, practical program for building strong profitable companies.

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Grow Your Business

To be clear: we are not against growth. In fact, owners who strengthen their companies go on to grow their business to unprecedented heights – just like modern cars will take people much further, faster and a lot more comfortably than horses ever will.

A central point of the program is:

people don’t own businesses
what they actually own are companies

that do business with markets.

There’s more to that statement than just a simple play on words. Customers can give your their business and they can take their business elsewhere when they want to. So how can you own it? Business is what your company does and it’s also what your company has to earn on a regular basis.

Inevitably a company’s natural development suffers when the business grows beyond the strength of your company. That’s when frustrating symptoms start to multiply. Then your days will be spent putting out a never-ending series of “fires” — instead of investing time towards moving the company ahead. Far too many owners get stuck spending time when they should be investing their time. It’s very difficult to move your company forward when you’re caught in this cycle. The sooner you break it the better.


Grow Your Business: A Fresh New Perspective

When you look at the challenge from the perspective of an owner, the next logical question is: how to develop a workable plan to strengthen your company.

Strong companies regularly do good business. Good fortune seems to follow their owners around. It comes down to this: good people like to work for strong companies and good people effectively solve problems. On top of that strong companies have the resources to take full advantage of their opportunities Customers also like doing business with strong companies. Success is attractive.

Advantage Business Coach

It makes sense to develop a strategy for strengthening your company early on in its development, but if you’ve been in business for a few years and your company isn’t turning a profit and running smoothly then implementing the Company Strength Program will get you back on track. Then you’ll be positioned to profitably grow your business well into the future.

It also includes the BRIDGE Marketing Program which is a powerful process for attracting the right customers who are a good fit for your company. When your company has built the strength to process this business you’ll be prepared and ready to confidently go after them.

That’s when you should really put the focus on growth. Short-term “pain” for long-term gain is the ultimate strategy for an enjoyable career in business. The long-term gain lasts much longer.


If you’re going on the journey of a lifetime

do you want to ride in a luxury car — or on a horse?

Get profitable now and stay profitable

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