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Rock Solid’s business coaching services deliver solid results. We’ve developed an effective approach that seamlessly integrates with the day-to-day operations of your company. 

We deliver business coaching services and training right in your location. It’s effective because it allows us to get a better understanding of your business and your team. This allows us to deliver results faster. 

We’ve adapted our coaching and training to meet the demands of the pandemic crisis. 

When the work starts we adapt to your schedule, having said that, we prefer regularly scheduled appointments.


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Getting Started

A no-obligation Discovery Session is the first step. We will be looking to understand where you’re currently at AND — more importantly — the results you’d like to achieve. If you’re looking into business coaching services there’s typically a gap.

Also at the Discovery Session, you can expect us to clearly demonstrate how our training programs and coaching services can deliver the results you want. (If our solutions aren’t a good fit for your business we’ll recommend other options.) It takes 30 – 45 minutes to introduce a customized plan for your company.

Discovery Sessions cover 2 main areas

the benefits & results you want


the work it will take to get there

There should be a cause-and-effect relationship between the two. By the end of the meeting, it should be clear how the agreed-upon work will drive the results you want. That’s where our two decades of experience come into play. Our business coaching services give us some insight into a wide variety of business challenges.

We’ve been down similar roads hundreds of times before and we’ve formated the best solutions into programs. We don’t start from scratch every time. We’ve learned from experience and incorporated it into our programs. Our company’s goal and our company name are the same. ROCK SOLID Business Coaching. We’ve been working at it since 2001. Check our Testimonials Page.

This is all before we charge you anything. After a Discovery Session, you should be in a good position to choose whether or not to go ahead. It has to be the right move for you.

Tel: (604) 319-4254

Now The Work Begins

Business coaching typically revolves around regular weekly meetings. As we begin working together the initial step in the process is to draft a timeline and agree on your dual training objectives (desired results you want AND the necessary work to get there), next a workplan is created.

Between meetings both the coach and the client typically have work to do. At Rock Solid, our clients are encouraged to call, email, or text between meetings. Your coach is your resource.

The Work

Since 2001 Rock Solid has been using Directly Applied Relevant Training (DART™). This is our proprietary process for ensuring the work you do delivers the results you want.


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The other interesting aspect of our business coaching services is the dual focus on getting business results plus developing your ability — and/or your staff’s ability — to consistently produce solid results going forward.

Our world-class business coaching services address your existing problems, issues and challenges and then get on with the more important task of transforming the business into a strong profitable company.

Put another way — its the difference between selling you a guitar and teaching you to play.

Our specialty is working alongside you during the training sessions & giving you encouragement and feedback as you develop your abilities. This happens as you work on projects that in turn deliver the business results your company needs.

Program & Projects

Rock Solid has created programs that get you better results faster. Our proven programs give you a serious head start. They’re specifically designed for different stages of business growth. Then we adapt them to meet the needs of clients.

The programs are packages of Directly Applied Training that has proven to work very well. Over 20 years we’ve collected best practices and systemized our business coaching services. If it consistently delivered results, it was integrated into our programs. We continue to improve every chance we get. We are proud of our world-class programs.

The links to our programs are below — just click on them for more information. There can be mixing and matching of projects within the programs, and we expect to put more emphasis on a few of the projects. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Your professional business coach will adapt to meet your needs. It’s best to go over this in the Discovery Session.

Literally, hundreds of owners have used Rock Solid’s programs and coaching services to develop their business into strong profitable companies. Check our Testimonials Page to read what they have to say about us.

The results start almost immediately. Rock Solid’s approach more than just theory — we specialize in practical programs & solutions that work. This includes some innovative approaches that you’ve never heard of before. They’ve proven themselves, we’ve already implemented them in hundreds of companies and they continue to work exceptionally well.

It’s well worth taking the time to check us out. We are #1 in B.C. when it comes to delivering results. Our training programs and business coaching services can make a solid positive impact on your company and your life. There is no risk. We offer no-obligation Discovery Sessions for owners.

Tel: (604) 319-4254

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Ask us for a No Fee or Obligation Initial Meeting

Tel: (604) 319-4254

Rock Solid’s small business coaching services and programs don’t ignore conventional wisdom. If it works — it works. On the other side of the coin, if it doesn’t work — consistently —then it just makes sense to develop a new perspective or a better approach. That’s been our strategy since day one.

The best part about our consulting & coaching services is that they aren’t a collection of short-term fixes. They deliver solid, tangible results that strengthen companies. We know the value of creating a strong foundation for long-term profitable growth.

This strategy led us to industry-leading innovations that consistently deliver outstanding business results. The most frequent comment we hear from new clients about our approach is: “this makes sense and it works.”

We believe that it will make sense for your company as well. Our programs deliver an excellent return on investment. (ROI) You will make more money with us than without us.  To book a no-charge initial consultation email us at john@rocksolidresults.c

Visit our Testimonials Page to find out what our clients are saying about our business coaching services.

Experience Delivers Results

The key to our success has been understanding what our clients want and combining that with our years of experience. Many of our clients are taking their companies to a level they haven’t been to before. The problems, issues and challenges they face on the way there are new to them, but the solutions are often very similar to ones we’ve implemented with other companies as they navigated through their stages of growth.

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Rock Solid has likely been there before — or in fairly similar situations — and all of our clients benefit from this experience. We’re BC’s most experienced business coaching company.

Our CEO 

John Cameron, the founder of Rock Solid successfully built his own contracting business from scratch before he started coaching. The company had showrooms in North Vancouver, Burnaby, & Richmond BC. He’s also had the privilege of coaching and working with hundreds of owners as they’ve grown their companies.

If you want a coach who walked the walk before talking the talk then John Cameron’s brand of down-to-earth business wisdom will be a good fit for you.

It’s often said that there is no substitute for experience and that’s doubly true for business coaching services.

Coaching versus Consulting versus Training

Coaching is about building skill sets in others and helping them develop straightforward strategies to achieve their goals. In this context, our business coaching services are a series of workshops and presentations that pave the way towards your success. It’s small steps taken consistently that add up to have a huge impact on your business skill sets and the strength of your company.

Consulting is more about rolling up the sleeves and working on actual projects. It’s also known as producing deliverables which could be a Marketing Plan or a Safety or Standard Operating Procedures Manual for example.

Training is developing skill sets in others as projects are being worked on. It’s a combination of skill development and practical experience. Our specialty is DART™ when we directly connect the training to relevant business goals.

At Rock Solid our business coaching services, training, and consulting are all designed to efficiently achieve the results you want.

On-site Business Coaching Services are available in Nanaimo Parksville

 Maple Ridge Surrey, BurnabyLangley, & Vancouver

At Rock Solid, we strongly believe that business coaches and consultants should all have a clear end-game combined with effective programs that consistently deliver results. We’ve been working hard since 2001 to ensure our services do exactly that. Our office is in the Greater Vancouver area community of Langley BC Canada.

Our programs and services were created through a unique research and development process and by working with hundreds of companies. What we realized is that there are substantial gaps in conventional wisdom — especially when it comes to building long term success in small business. Then again, there is the often reported statistical data about the failure rate of companies and it’s astonishingly high. In our humble opinion, there is a direct connection. We’ve developed a down-to-earth approach that addresses the gaps and substantially shifts the odds towards the type of success you want.

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To achieve long-term success owners need to strengthen their companies as the business grows. If they don’t symptoms start multiplying. When companies aren’t strong enough to handle the business they’re getting the profits can be pretty small or evaporate into losses. Then growth stalls. This happens to almost everyone at some point and it can be quite frustrating, but there are solutions.

From another perspective, if you’re looking to grow it makes sense to develop a plan to strengthen your company in advance of the growth. At Rock Solid we show you how to stay ahead of the curve and effectively strengthen your company for the growth.

Coaching Services
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We have many interesting articles on our business blog

The book: Rock Solid – How to Strengthen Your Company is a fable about our signature Company Strength Program. It’s an easy-to-read learning adventure for small businesses. You might even recognize some of the locations around Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, and North Langley.

There are times on every company’s development journey where bringing in proven experience is worth the investment. It simply costs more to go it alone. The losses may be hidden costs like missed business or lost profits. Our business coaching services are valuable resources that have been designed to strengthen your company.

We pride ourselves on increasing the profits of our clients. Even when they’re adding the expense of hiring us our clients’ profits can and do increase. It’s our belief that small business coaching services should deliver a good return on investment over the short term and a great return on investment over the long term.

9501 212th St. Langley, BC Canada (604) 319-4254

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  1. We are very excited about having met John Cameron, who has come to us at the perfect moment. We are just about to expand our (so far) very successful business of “Chemical Free Cistern Cleaning”. This may sound strange to some – how can one be excited about cleaning you may say – but water usage and storage has become a major issue and with the changes to the regulations about usage/storage of water we have found a niche product.

    But no matter how good your product or service may be, you can only deliver on your company promise if you have a good solid company. John has been like a rock to us, where we can bounce off ideas and get unbiased feedback with gentle nudging in the right direction. Thank you for your help and support John!

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