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by ROCK SOLID Business Coach – John Cameron

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“All companies should be designed and built to profitably deliver value”

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Traction = Towards Results action

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“Avoid the Mother Teresa Effect

DON’T offer a lot of value while living in poverty

develop a sustainable pricing strategy and target customers who are willing to pay.”

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“If you want to make a lot of money

then plan on delivering a lot of value … to …

a lot of people who are – all – willing to pay for it”

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“People don’t own businesses
what they actually own are companies that do business with markets”

NOTE: if customers can give you their business

and take it elsewhere when they want to

then how can you own it?

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“Strong companies do good business”

business quotes

“There are 100 Million companies in the world – what do we need yours for?
Seriously this is not a trick question

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People go into business because they want to make some money.

If you want to live a great life then build a great company.

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“Profits are the best fuel for growth

Get profitable now and stay profitable”

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“When business-people get

good information

they make great choices & decisions.”

How come accountants never ask:

“What information do you need to operate your company successfully?”

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“Effort doesn’t always equal results in business”

The quote below is from a Rock Solid client – Darren Pelling

“The entrepreneurs’ path is littered with the corpses of passionate people.”

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“Your employees aren’t likely to work harder

just to get you a bigger house and a faster car”

small business quotes

“Your prospects aren’t likely to buy from you just because you need their business.

They buy for their own reasons – understand them or perish.”

NOTE: speaking from experience gained with hundreds of companies

you probably think you know the reasons well,

but you likely don’t understand them as well as you should.

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“Actually the egg came first

dinosaurs were laying eggs long before there were chickens”

small business quotes

“If you’re going to compete on price then you better have a structural cost advantage”

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“The fastest way to build a great company

is to learn how to solve business problems”

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“Business problems are just interesting puzzles that need to be figured out

if they keep happening then they aren’t problems, they’re symptoms of unsolved problems”

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“A business-person’s ultimate objective is to make 1 + 2 + 3 = 123

by investing resources (1)

into a business opportunity (2)

and adding their effort (3)

to equal (build) a strong profitable company (123)”

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