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“Rock Solid’s business training improved the performance of my company. The Company Strength Program was particularly valuable as I transitioned out of day-to-day operations and shifted responsibilities to the next generation.

My son is doing an excellent job managing the family company. My daughter has now joined the company and is also taking Rock Solid’s business training. It makes me a proud Dad to see the next generation take over the family business and continue our traditions. I highly recommend this business training.”

                                                                                             Jack Froese – JD Farms

John really came through for me in the first years of my transition to management ( from the barns:) the tools and knowledge that he provided me with are still used today! Once you build a relationship with Rock Solid it is there forever.

                                           Jason Froese – JD Farms

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Langley Business person “John and his team at Rock Solid are simply amazing ! I should have done this years ago. I highly recommend Rock Solid Business Consulting Group as they have streamlined the operations in so many positive ways without interrupting our day to day operations.”

Congratulations Phil on earning the 2016 Langley Business Person of the year award! It’s well deserved recognition. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and the people in your group of companies! – John

                                                   Phil Jackman – ValleyTraffic Systems

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“Rock Solid Business Coaching is just what I needed to take my business to the next level! As a small business owner, I am constantly making decisions without a lot of guidance or support.

Up until I started the Rock Solid Business program with John, my service-based business had offered many different programs because I wasn’t sure which direction to focus all my efforts on.

Now that I have gone through the training process, my business has much more direction and focus and it’s helped me to organize all my business systems in a way that I can feel confident and secure in moving forward and investing my time and energy into, with proven and expert-backed support!

Thanks to John and Rock Solid Business Coaching, my business is thriving because of your expertise and guidance!”

With Rock Solid it doesn’t end when the training is finished

“Hi John, I wanted to send a note to say a huge thank you to you for taking the time to meet with me last week, it was incredibly helpful to have your perspective … thank you so very much!

                                                                   Jenny Abbot – Harmony Kids Yoga

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“Very excited about the progress that we have seen in our company. John has provided us with a system which we sorely needed and it is practical and effective. Thank you.” 

“The Company Accountability Matrix opens the door to some valuable conversations that are improving all facets of our operations.


John and Rock Solid have moved my business forward in the 12 months since we have engaged his services. He is flexible to the unique needs of myself as owner as my schedule is crazy. His help though has helped me to get more purpose, focus and control over the runnings of my business so I can focus on my vision and long term. He is additionally working with me on the big picture aspects and this year we are working on increasing the profits and already the light is clear at the end of the tunnel. Thanks John!”

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Kevin – congratulations for making the list of Canada’s fastest growing companies for the second time no less! It’s a great achievement. – John


Congratulations also on winning the Better Business Bureau Torch Award in 2018. Kevin you’ve built a great team there at MIRA. – John

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Thanks John! It was truly an honour and a nice surprise to come back from vacation to! I echo your words that we have a great team at MIRA. The program at Rock Solid has helped everyone to enjoy and understand their roles and their value to the business’ success. Hence why I was able to take a 3.5 week vacation with no interruptions other than being informed about this award. We have a great team and the Rock Solid Program has helped greatly. So thank you John! And thanks for the kind words!

Kevin Bergstresser – MIRA Floors & Interiors 

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Here it is: our favourite Testimonial 

“The best part of all is the tools that we are learning to use. They are invaluable to us. 

They are everyday, down to earth, sensible, solutions that WORK!”

                                Bob & Marlene Myers – Myers Organic Farms 

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Now This is Interesting

In 2014 686 business owners responded to an independent survey regarding Business Training Providers in BC. The survey was conducted by MNP on behalf of the BC Chamber of Commerce Learning Network.

In the survey 78% of Rock Solid’s clients strongly agreed with the following statement:

I am more confident in my company’s ability to succeed after taking this business training.”

The overall average for strongly agree responses for all business training providers was 39%.

Rock Solid’s rate of strongly agree responses was double the average!

John Cameron and his team at Rock Solid have proven concepts that are put into play to streamline every level of the business operations to maximize profitability and production.”

Congrats Dana on your double win this year. 2017 Langley Business Person of the Year and Service Excellence (Retail/Service)

NOTE: we are very proud that 3 of the last 5 Langley Business Person of the Year award winners have used our services. While we do not take credit for their successes we believe that it confirms that we are offering & delivering rock solid business services. Which is the standard we set for ourselves right from Day 1 – over 16 years ago.

                                                                   Dana Matheson – C & D Logistics

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I had chance to work with John over the past year. His coaching and wisdom has helped us fully systemize our business and we’ve seen over 35% growth year on year in a very competitive marketplace.

His methods and coaching skills are first class! Every business needs to implement their processes into a repeatable system. There’s no one better to help you!
Abbotsford business training

ONE YEAR LATER: “I received 4 awards for our achievements this year with our new coaching programs. I then got to close the evening with being able to speak to 150 of some of the most successful entrepreneurs from around the world about my story and how we’ve made such a difference in 2016.”

                                         Johnathan Christian – WeMakeStuffHappen

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“I have only worked with John for four months and I’ve already benefited from what he’s taught me.”

“From Margins on products and sub-trades to avoiding grinders. All this has helped my company become profitable and pay down debt. John has been great to work with.

He holds me accountable and encourages me with my business. I highly recommend Rock Solid for anyone that needs their company to get on the right track.”

AFTER EIGHT MONTHSJohn with his Rock Solid business approach has helped me with my business. By implementing a company promise, rebranding and proper profit margins I find I am doing more of the jobs I like to do and making money doing them. John has had a positive impact on me and my business and I know he can help you with your business.”

Loris, it was a pleasure helping you transition into a more profitable business model.  I believed right from the start that this would be a much better fit for you. Congrats!

June 2017  – It was great hearing about your record month in May – well done!

Posted by Loris on Google referrals “John is a great knowledgeable guy. He has helped me overcome business obstacles and has guided me in the right direction.  He is always there when you need him.”

                                           Loris Barbieri – Barbieri Enterprises

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Tel: (604) 888-3471  

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We Deliver Results

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2016 Canadian Internet Marketing Conference

“Marwick Marketing has been in business since 2002 in the UK, Spain and Canada. In the short time Rock Solid has been involved with the company they have revolutionized the company. Focusing us on the profit drivers of the business and making sense of what can be at times a non-stop go-go-go world for the small business owner.”

Note: The business training helped Marwick Marketing improve and become strong enough that they were able to invest the start up time to co-found the highly successful Canadian Internet Marketing Conference which features world-class industry leading speakers. It’s held annually in Squamish just outside of Vancouver, BC. For more info click on the picture or follow the link below. It’s an amazing learning experience. 

                                                     Christian Thomson

Marwick Marketing, Squamish, BC  Webpage

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference, Squamish, BC Webpage

“We spent ages, and thousands of dollars trying to unlock the mystery of how to get sales. John talked us through it in an hour and a half. We’ve also never felt more equipped and empowered to deal with the intricacies of business processes.”

“I highly recommend connecting with John if you want to see some action happen right away.”

                               Jeremy Whittingstall & Luke Taylor

                     Loomo Marketing, Victoria BC Webpage


“You rock – solidly!

It’s working great. This has been awesome.”

Thanks for the compliments John – A hint for next time: try not to use so many words.

                               John Reimer

                     Bodysmart Health, Langley BC Webpage

A few words from Rock Solid’s CEO John Cameron

Rock Solid TrainingThere are some nice compliments from our clients both above and below this message. I’d like to let them know that really I appreciate them. I’ve been fortunate to work with many interesting people. I’ve seen them work hard to raise their families, build companies that they’re proud of, and contribute to the communities the live in.

It’s been more fulfilling and rewarding than I ever imagined back in 2001 when I started Rock Solid. Many thanks to all of you & continued success!

“After 3 years in business, I needed to hire a professional to take Lush Eco Lawns to the next level. Our dreams of multiple locations and franchising would remain just that – without a solid strategy.

Enter John Cameron and his team at Rock Solid and my dreams and ideas are already becoming a reality. As much as I hate administrative stuff, I’m actually excited about continuing to systemize Lush this winter, knowing that every ‘i’ that gets dotted and every ‘t’ that gets crossed will only result in happier customers, better equipped employees and best of all, higher returns.

I especially enjoyed John’s excellent book – Rock Solid – How to Strengthen your Company. The book is structured in a way that is fun to read, while being challenging and thought provoking – I’m actually reading it for a third time now.

If you need a proven coach to detail your company and build it up – solid and strong – look no further than Rock Solid!”Vancouver Island Green Business Award

UPDATE: Lush Eco Lawns has opened its second location and both are growing profitably! Rock Solid’s business training exceeded expectations!

NEW UPDATE:  “We were awarded Best Green Business at the Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards and we were a finalist for Best Business.”

NEWER UPDATE: Hey John.  We have experienced unprecedented growth!! April annihilated our previous best month by $40K!  Anyways, things are going excellent but I am definitely realizing I will need more of your expertise moving forward.  May is shaping up to be another record month too. There’s 12 of us now!  

          John Close – Lush Eco Lawns

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“Rock Solid’s Company Strength Program is what every company needs. I won’t start another company without implementing it first.”

                                                                       Darren Pelling

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Syntrek Construction, Squamish BC Webpage

Progress Door & Window, Squamish BC  Webpage

“We took 2 weeks vacation and went to Europe when we came back everything was running smoothly. This was less than 2 years after we took the Company Strength Program from ROCK SOLID. We took the ideas and concepts from the program and worked through them at our own pace after the training was finished.

We originally started working with John and his team because we were working very long hours and were so stressed out we were thinking about selling the company. Now we’re planning to keep the company and enjoy life. We’re even taking more time off when we’re in town.”

                                                                         Steve and Julie Swift  – StorMore Closets & Blinds

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Tel: (604) 888-3471  

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We Deliver Results

“Rock Solid’s business training helped me navigate my company out of dark times a few years ago. We were struggling in the very competitive nursery business – growing and selling decorative plants to retailers.

Now we have a solid new business model as a trucking company and a silage grower for Zoos in Western Canada – bamboo, veggies, deciduous trees, roots, all as animal feed.

Thank you very much – I don’t believe I could have made the transition without your training and support.

                                                          John Fulawka – Wonton Trucking – Suncoast Nursery 

Pender Island BC Webpage

“Rock Solid identified a very effective Company Promise for us and it led to a positive change in the way we do business. The CA³M has also helped us organize and focus on improving our processes. The Financial Information Systems have improved our bottom line by over $100,000 per year.”

                                                                           Neville Sinclair – Pacific West PG 

Langley BC Webpage

Business Training BC

“John goes above and beyond with his coaching and holds you accountable to upgrade your business until you do. His systems have helped me gain control of my business while feeling less stressed with all the moving parts. Thank you John!!”

                                                                           Brent Seal – Mavrixx 

Vancouver BC Webpage

“Life changing, incredible systems that get you working on your business and not in your business! John is a trustworthy respectable mentor who has roots and real life experiences in business to draw from.”

UPDATE: Daniel just had his best 6 months ever in business. Newer staff, hired for attitiude, have been trained to be solid producers by following case studies and documented systems. Dan is taking more time off and also more holidays with his family. It’s always fun to see the training consistently produce results.

                                                                           Daniel Deyette – AnswersWanted 

Langley BC Webpage

“John has been instrumental in helping us strengthen our business.
In particular he has challenged us to systematize our processes and he has helped us gain referral business.”

                                                                           Tom Kobelt –  Kobelt Development Inc.

Surrey BC Webpage


Great Business training clients“We found John to be very helpful in looking at ways to improve and streamline our company both from an operational standpoint as well as increasing sales.

His experience and his outside perspective gave us ideas that we otherwise would not have thought of. His suggestions were practical, easy to put into place. 

They proved to be effective at improving our focus, clearly establishing roles and responsibilities of our staff. No to mention increasing communication, and putting duplicatable sales strategies in place.

I liked how he followed up on previous sessions and followed the guidelines that had been laid out but was also flexible enough to deal with emergencies that cropped up in-between! He was a pleasure to deal with and a genuinely nice guy.”

                                                                Marybeth Harrison – Centaur Awards,

Langley BC Webpage

Tel: (604) 888-3471  

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We Deliver Results

“We now use Rock Solid’s Forecast and Variance Reports with our clients. They’re the best we’ve ever seen and the best our clients have ever seen.”

                                           Kelly Bennett – Business Training International

Vancouver BC Webpage

“The Company Strength Program provided me with the opportunity to take my company to the next level in a way I never imagined possible. It’s also allowed me to achieve the elusive work/life balance that I’ve been seeking.”

                                                                   Jonathan Kervin – Kervin Marketing

North Vancouver Island Webpage

No Charge Initial Consultations – Tel: (604) 888-3471 or CLICK HERE

“Thanks for saving me from potential disaster! You came into the picture just in the nick of time as I was feeling very overwhelmed with the volume of business we were getting and our inability to cope with it.

Through your business training I learned how to properly delegate the day-to-day business to staff using your Company Accountability Matrix.

This let me focus on the priorities such as tracking the company’s performance using the Forecast and Variance Report and also the future growth of the business through the BRIDGE Marketing Plan. Thank you for everything you did for me.”                    

Marc Peloquin – Harmonique Fibre Arts Supply Inc.

Vancouver Island Webpage

“My company looks completely different from when I started the business training. My business turned into a publishing company. I wouldn’t have been able to expand or hire new employees without it.”

Julie Salisbury – Influence Publishing  

North Vancouver Webpage

“The elements of the Company Strength Program are outlined and explained in the context of a story. I also recommend this book to business coaches and consultants who want an efficient system that provides their company owner customers with the best possible chances for success.

I give it a 5-star rating because it is an ingenious system that, when applied as intended, changes the conversation inside the company and orients everyone towards successful outcomes. It makes good on the promise of simplicity emerging on the other side of complexity – I will use this on my next company and I will use it to help other company owners succeed.”

NOTE: to other coaches and consultants, while we believe, like Lonnie does, that our programs are are world-class and the best available, we ask that you contact us prior to using our trademarks.

You may also be interested in the coaching systems behind the client focused systems described in the book. They are the process that allows our professional coaches to consistently deliver high quality results.

Lonnie Tkach – Anytime Fitness 

Start-up of new franchise locations & leadership for Club Managers

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small business training surreyHow to get Started

We’re available for no obligation initial consultions. We offer business training that’s more affordable than you might think and the Return on Investment is huge. Contact us by clicking here or by calling (604) 888-3471.


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