Business Training Program

The Business Training Program is designed to help you reach the next level. Building a profitable company is a challenging project. This training delivers a great return-on-investment and it will accelerate the solid development of your company.

Participants should expect to implement a process designed to get their business details comfortably under control. Next comes step by step processes to improve profitability and growth.  The clear objective is to get the company running smoothly and profitably.

Here’s an Interesting Tidbit of Information

This training program was developed by British Columbia’s most experienced business coach. When he initially created this program John Cameron already had a successful track record as solopreneur for over a decade. He built a solid business coaching practice working with small to medium sized companies using the world-class Company Strength Program (CSP) that he literally wrote the book on.

Here’s How it Works

This isn’t a traditional coaching program where clients are expected to commit to a minimum of 12 months. It’s a powerful training program that delivers results quickly. It includes the tools you’ll need to profitably grow your business. There are 18 training sessions normally spaced over three to six months. The sessions delivered by a professional business coach.

This is Directly Applied Relevant Training. There are 11 projects that will have participants working on strengthening their own companies. They aren’t case studies from some other business in some other decade. There will be ‘homework’ but it will focus on directly improving your own company. Work worth doing!

Program Details 

Directly Applied Relevant Training

One of the projects effectively sets the stage for getting good value from your first hires or perhaps contracting out a portion of the work allowing you to focus on what you’re good at. The training will develop your business abilities and position your company for profitable growth.

The cost for the program is $8,500.00. The Business Training Program consists of 20 sessions spaced over 3 to 6 months plus additional time available for project support. Participants must have access to a computer with Word and Excel.

The Three Elements of the Training

1. Profitability Growth Practices

The tools of the trade are Business Model Analysis and Forecast & Variance Reports. Program training participants will learn how to develop and use the tools. There is also a project to be completed during the solopreneur training program. Grading of the project will be included in participants’ program evaluation.Surrey Abbotsford Burnaby

Implementing the tools by completing the project and making a positive impact on the profitability of their business will be a key component of the participant’s evaluation.

The learning outcomes are the improved ability understand financial reports and to develop tools for profitability growth: for the current period and for the business going forward.

2. Company Accountability Matrix (CA³M)

The CA³M is a roadmap for organizing and systemizing business operations while preparing for growth. In every ventures there are a fair amount of ‘moving parts.’ The CA³M delivers a proven methodology for monitoring and consistently improving them. It also provides a system for systemizing the enterprise.

The learning outcome is the efficiently organizing of all of the functions involved in the business plus effective delegation where appropriate. It also involves effectively preparing for the first hire or perhaps contracting out some functions allowing the entrepreneur to continue doing what they do best.

3. BRIDGE Marketing 

To grow their business solopreneurs need to effectively bridge to their target markets. In this case BRIDGE is a metaphor and an acronym for developing a solid marketing plan. Each letter represents a challenge or an assignment. The challenges are not market research related: they primarily focus on finding great customers for solopreneurs’ existing lines of business. Participants will be evaluated on their work on all six challenges.

When all six challenges are completed then it’s straightforward to create an effective marketing plan.

The learning outcome is the ability to develop marketing plans that attract good customers. Also to measure the ROI of the marketing initiatives.


The cost for the program is $8,500.00 The overall learning outcome is to develop the skills and abilities involved in building the foundation for strong, profitable company that is ready to grow. All the projects involved in the Business Training Program directly relate to the participant’s company and the business it’s doing.

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Thanks for taking the time to read about this innovative training program. Detailed Outline We enjoy helping entrepreneurs succeed. Rock Solid Business Coaching Vancouver BC Canada