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Successfully navigating the different stages of business growth is challenging for most people. Often people need to engage the services of an experienced business coach to help them with the process.

There’s no question about it, building a great company involves a steep learning curve. In fact, choosing entrepreneurship as a career path means you’ll need to develop a much wider range of skills and abilities than most people.

How a Business Coach Can Help

When a piece of the business puzzle is missing or is underdeveloped it impacts the overall growth of your company. Sometimes you know what’s missing particularly when you’re experiencing symptoms like: tight cash flow, repeating problems, and under-performing employees. Other times you know there’s a problem, but you can’t put your finger on what’s causing it. A good business coach can find the needed solutions and get you back on track.

At Rock Solid we understand that entrepreneurs, like you, are a self reliant bunch. Our specialty is providing the tools, knowledge, and practices you need to build your company – your way.

Return on Investment

Often it’s more efficient and cost effective to hire a business coach with proven programs. At Rock Solid we deliver a great return on investment. It’s our belief that your bottom line profits should increase when you hire a business coach. It shouldn’t be an extra expense: it’s an investment.

There are a lot of great resources on this site and the blog is full of good ideas. Feel free take a look around. The navigation links are at the very top and very bottom of each page. But continue reading this page to the bottom to see if our business coaching is a good fit for your needs at this point in your company’s development.

Rock Solid’s experienced coaches and proven programs consistently deliver the results owners want: strong profitable companies.



Business Coaching is

Ideally Suited for 4 Main Needs

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FIRST you’re in business and you know your industry like the back of your hand. Now you’re looking to develop the same level of expertise when it comes to building a great company. One that runs smoothly and operates profitably.

This is a new and different skill set for most people, but at the same time almost anyone can learn it fairly quickly when they have a proven road map to follow. You don’t necessarily need a business coach, but hiring a good coach will help you move through the process more efficiently.

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SECOND, your business has grown, but now your company isn’t performing the way it should. This usually means you’re working too hard for low or no profits, and it’s also possible that your company is not consistently operating up to the standards your customers expect. Our process starts with a good assessment. There’s most likely a lot of things that you’re doing well.

To move forward it’s important to discover what’s holding your company back. The Rock Solid approach provides a big advantage. The goal is to strengthen your company so it performs up to its potential. Our innovative programs provide solutions for the full range of business problems.


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THIRD, your company is poised for growth. There could also be new opportunities on the horizon. It makes good sense to prepare for growth by strengthening your company. The Company Strength Program also helps identify profitable business opportunities that may not be on your radar yet. You may not need a business coach at this stage, but this is when their experience can deliver a huge return on your investment.

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FOURTH, it’s time for your company to stand on its own two feet. At some point every company should be strong enough to operate profitably and continue to grow on its own. This could be a succession plan that shifts accountability to the next generation or perhaps even over to employee management. It may be time for you to retire or you might be thinking about directing your attention towards a more intriguing venture.

You might need a business coach can help to strengthen your company in advance of the succession. You may also need a coach to help train the individuals who are preparing to lead the company into the future.

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